Saturday, June 28, 2014

Down the rabbit hole...

The maillady brought me something wonderful this week. 


  1. Welcome to the "blogosphere"! I've been following John's blog for a good while now. It will be cool to follow your adventures, too. Especially solo stuff, being as how most of my gaming is solo.

    I didn't know there were solo rules for T&T! Where are those available? My earliest rpgs were solo T&T adventures "back in the day" (late 70's or so, I think).

  2. Thank you! Do you have a blog as well? I'm also interested in seeing how other solo players do things.

    I purchased the solo rules here
    This was before John explained to me all of the politics involved with Outlaw Press. The free shipping was a great perk. They also sent me the spiral bound version of the book and additional dice that I hadn't ordered. It's hard to be angry about that!

    I haven't gotten too far into the differences between the solo rules and the 1st edition book I have been using. Stay tuned!

    1. Bought from Outlaw Press!

      And to think, he doubts your EVILness...

  3. Ah, thanks for the info and the warning. I looked into them. I guess I will have to forego that book, much as I like almost anything to do with solo gaming.
    I do have a blog, but it's been quiet lately, and even when it isn't it's usually more about painted figures. It's at
    Probably only a handful of posts with much in the way of actual gaming or solo stuff.
    Most of my limited gaming these days is solo boardgaming and solo card games (like the Pathfinder card game or the LOTR card game or games such as Eldritch Horror, Agents of SMERSH, etc.).
    So I get a vicarious enjoyment from other people's reports and blogs,

  4. I began painting miniatures this past year. I don't paint often in the summer because I keep myself so busy with outdoor things.

    I'm sure I'll find it all interesting.