Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fjörgyn's Third Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

In early April, we played another game via chat. 

When we last left off, Fjörgyn stood admiring the wretched, now slain, bat beast. 

Remembering the sinking feeling I experienced after the adventure where I heartlessly (well, not ENTIRELY heartless as I still had the beating human heart in my backpack *evil laugh*) left poor Grungo in that tomb with the slain ghoul, I decided I needed to do right by Thora. With Zelligant's help, I carried Thora's lifeless body to the Shrine of the Forgetful Bear. I hoped that Sister Rebecca would perform the burial rites. Sister Rebecca tended to Thora and offered me healing which I declined. I really don't know why I declined the offer, but I assume Fjörgyn has some trust issues. I mean, how many times did Zelligant change his name?!

I left the Shrine of the Forgetful Bear to head to the Queen's Cauldron to scout hirelings and socialize with the locals.

Enthusiasm was not in the air as I searched the bar for potential help. I could make out some whispers about Grungo and Thora's fate on our little adventures. Finally. a shady character emerged with his face covered mostly by a mask. I was half terrified, half excited to have him on my side when he offered to come along.

In addition, Charlie Bucky, (inspired by my own feline friend) a halfling sized cat [a nekomata? We're just using halfling stats but she gets 2 claws and a bite per round. Giving me two PCs to increase my chances of survival and to reduce reliance on too many hirelings] in plate mail with sharpened steel sheaths for her claws and a short bow caught up with me and was more than happy to go along with whatever adventure I had planned.

Charlie Bucky
In the morning, Charlie Bucky and I met the staff outside the Cauldron and discussed the plan for the day - I announced that I wanted to leave for Gorgoroth (that was way more surprising than the warrior cat creature). I felt quite certain that, having slain the strange beast, the missing girl would be able to escape the perils of the underground lair and return home and if not, she was probably already dead. (I roll my eyes at this logic now)

Fjörgyn is nothing if not a realist!

[here the session ended as John was not prepared for a hex crawl. he explained the need to equip for the travel and the dangers that might pose, so that I could make informed decisions about what to bring. Since then, after further discussions about the nature of the game, I have decided that I should explore the dungeon a little more before moving on to the next town of Hael.]

                                          Important study material


  1. Important study material indeed. I hope you aren't just reading the cliff's notes...

  2. Thinking about WHY your character made the choices she did is certainly worth examining. Ask yourself if this is the way you want her to approach things. If so, fine; if not, what changes do you need to make?

    Remember that this is about having fun playing a character (who is not yourself). She doesn't need to make wise decisions but you should understand why she makes the ones she does.

    -- Jeff

    1. I agree Jeff.

      I learn a bit more each time I play.

  3. Cliff's notes could be a useful resource for wilderness adventures...

    Is Fjörgyn of the chaotic persuasion?

    1. My real life consists of many wilderness adventures! :) I rarely have to fight anything while on these adventures. Perhaps a mosquito or 20.

      Fjörgyn is complicated. She began as a do-gooder, but something snapped when Sister Rebecca didn't give her the reception she was looking for. The "Evil" switch was hit.

    2. Then you'll want to read a biography of Benedict Arnold for some perspective on "Well, if you're not going to appreciate me..."

    3. Had a nice laugh at that one. Thank you!