Monday, July 21, 2014

Fjörgyn's Second Adventure

On March 28th, John ran another session of D&D b/x for me via chat. This was only my second time playing. I wasn't sure how it would all translate only using chat, but he made it super easy and fun.

                   My view 

 Fjörgyn's goal is to make it to Gorgoroth and adventure in the dungeon beneath Trelleborg. How could I not be excited to adventure in a place with such an awesome name?

I spent the evening celebrating with the villagers at the tavern, who had given me the nick-name of "Ghoul-slayer". I feel quite proud to accept my new title. Little did I know, this title could possibly come back to haunt me in later adventures (stay tuned). As I enjoyed breakfast at the Queen's Cauldron, an errand boy interrupted my meal with a request from Sister Rebecca to visit with her at the shrine of the Forgetful Bear to discuss a matter of some importance. 

I accepted the offer.

Sister Rebecca revealed her suspicions about a plot involving cultists spotted by Old Man Alfarinson, the released ghoul I had slain, and a girl who went missing just yesterday. I decided to look into it, saying "Of course I will. Robed men chanting around a fire will always intrigue me!" I'm not sure if I want to join them or fight them.

Before continuing further, I re-hired Zelligant, who required armor and a weapon before agreeing, but that was with the additional stipulation that he would join in combat. I was happy to make this deal with him. So far, he has been a reliable comrade. He also suggested his cousin Thora, the one eyed jester, (a handsome woman according to John) as a suitable hire, allegedly handy with a weapon.

We made our way to the dilapidated, incense smoke filled shack of the odd-ball Old Man Alfarinson (something of a witch doctor mountain man hermit type) to get directions to the abandoned shrine where he had seen the cultists. 

Photos snagged from John's blog

We got the directions we came for, and forgoing further questioning, perhaps due to the incense haze, we got straight to it. 

Located among ancient burial mounds, the shrine was largely overgrown, although the vines did not cover the floor and, in fact, bore evidence of having been cut back. The secret door down was thus easily found, and after some discussion over who would go in first, Fjörgyn led the way down into the darkness. I'm actually surprised that I decided to lead the way. How naive!

The steps led down into a room, populated by one ugly mother of a beast - a beaked bat face furry ant-like thorax, human fore-limbs and giant bat-wings. Thora, who had moved up to fight alongside me was rewarded for her efforts by having a major artery severed by the crushing beak of the night beast. Poor, poor handsome Thora. [She had all of 2 HP. A sneeze would have killed her.]

Zelligant seemed to grow a pair and joined the fray, but I managed to kill the foul beast before he had to demonstrate any possible ineptness despite taking damage for nearly half my hit points,

We ended the session there, as I had to work in the morning. Stupid real life.


  1. I'm sure that you are in for a lot more fun!

    -- Jeff

  2. Thank you Jeff! I look forward to it.

  3. I am looking forward to mor of Fjörgyn's adventures. And more T&T solos.

    And I really must compliment you on the 'My view' picture, as such compositions are a favourite of mine. I actually took a very similar one a few days ago for my next T&T post.

    1. Thank you! Could you link me to your blog?

    2. Sure. It's :

      The picture post isn't quite finished yet,but hopefully soon will be.